What We Do

Credit Repair Oakland Began With A Dream

We are a nationally known group of professionals, located in the local Oakland area. We have been helping clients for decades and continue to do so daily. Priding ourselves in seeing each and every person who works with us satisfied, we continue our ongoing battle into providing fair chances to those that never had one.

How Do We Help You?

We know that you need a second chance that is why we are here to help you get that. At Credit Repair Oakland  we work with you to create a plan that we call an “Action Plan”. We make sure that your are able to get the fair credit scores your deserve. Plus, with the help of our plan you won’t be able to hear those harassing phone calls during dinner time anymore. 

We legally and expertly help you repair your credit, and offer you the services you need in order to start today.

What Do You Have To Do?

Contact us for a FREE consultation

Stand by while we evaluate your credit report

Read the information we send you and evaluate whenever you are ready to start your debt free action plan today.

Then all you need to do is sit back and watch your credit score rise, it is that simple.

We offer you the solutions you need to have a credit score repaired and offer you only the best services around. Our team members are ready to help you today. Contact us in order to see where your credit scores are at right now and how we can fix them.

We charge on a case by case basis, so no two clients are ever the same. That being said-you understand then why we need to evaluate your individual report. We have to know where you are and how to save your money, and of course how much to charge you so that we can accomplish this task.

When You Are In Need Credit Repair Oakland Is There

We understand all about the pitfalls that people get intoe. YOu needed Christmas presents, lost your job and racked up huge bills because you cold not pay. We understand that illness and medical bills were surmounting your credit report and we know that in that case there is nothing that most people can do to fix that. Don’t be punished for the sake of simply trying to survive in this world. Contact us today to get your credit repair started.