How Can We Help You?

Currently in this country there are more people in debt then there are free of debt. So count yourself as the standard if you are here looking for help to repair your credit. Atlantic Credit Repair has seen doctor’s, lawyers, teachers and nurses contact us to help them with the credit scores. It’s everyone and anyone who needs it and we are here to help.

The crisis that hit the nation in 2008 is still hitting it hard, but slowly recuperating. If you accumulated a ton of debt in that time count yourself again as part of the norm. We were built on trust and focused efficient attention to detail. We restore your credit by working with the credit report and contacting all the agencies on there. We also help your capitalize on many opportunities that other credit repair companies would definitely miss.

We are Working For You

Today more then ever we know that you are looking for a real fix, not a quick fix. In fact we have that long awaited solution to harassing letters, phone calls, loan denials an dmore. We make your credit report work for you and we evaluate it to the best of our ability.

If you are not 100% happy we give you your money back!

IT takes up to 6 months to repair your credit, are your ready to start to day?